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Bone Expander Kits High quality workmanship

August 23, 2017

Manufacturer: Ul amin Industries
Price: 280
Location: United States, 4004 New York

We offer Dental Implant tools and Instruments with high quality & competitive prices, like:

  1.  Dental Implant Kits (Bone Expander Kit, Bone Compression Kit, Implant Trimmer Kit, Surgical Drills Kit, Universal Implant Kits etc)
  2.  Trephine Drills, Internal & External Irrigation Implant Drills, Conical Drills etc
  3.  Torque Wrench & Ratchet Wrench,
  4.  Dental Implant Ratchet Hex Drivers, Hand Hex Drivers, Motor mount / Handpiece Hex Drivers etc
  5. Bone Implants made of Titanium Mini Bone plates Mini Screws With screw Driver.

We accept any quantity order (small or Large), visit our online store to check our stock & make purchase directly, we accept Paypal!
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United States, , 4004 New York

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