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Our objective is to provide innovative, first-class sales lead generation tools to the industry. We are thus continuously customizing our portfolio. With advanced features that link all of the products in the entire portfolio, DTI merges print, digital and educational media, offering a multitude of marketing channels to reach the largest dental community worldwide. We offer relevant and integrated advertising opportunities to engage your target audience. Please take the time to go through our Media Kit and contact our international sales team, who are ready to assist you in developing your ideal advertising strategy.

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With its flagship publication, Dental Tribune, DTI has changed the way dental professionals around the globe access the latest news in their profession. Dental Tribune is an independent tabloid-format publication and, with over 35 editions in more than 25 languages, remains the largest global dental newspaper. In response to increasing specialization in dentistry, DTI has developed specialty publications—supplements and continuing education magazines—which present the most significant international developments in the various areas of dentistry.

The third pillar of DTI’s print portfolio is its international show daily newspaper, today. Established in 1998, today has become the exclusive on-site planning tool for visitors and exhibitors at over 80 dental shows and congresses worldwide, such as IDS, Congrès ADF, AEEDC, CIOSP, IDEM, EuroPerio, the ADA annual meeting, the EAO congress, and GNYDM. As official media partner of FDI World Dental Federation, DTI has also been producing the FDI congress newspaper, World Dental Daily, since 2005.

All DTI print publications are accessible online at and via the DTI social media channels. Owing to DTI’s unique publishing platform, all editorial campaigns and print advertisements are additionally featured online, thereby reaching the global dental industry, as well as targeted local markets in the local language. DTI’s cost-effective regional and international packages help you reach new markets and expand your business to a global level.

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Developing a solid marketing budget and spending it through the best possible channels is an important part of creating a plan of action that is realistic and will help boost revenue.

DTI’s unique publishing platform combines print, digital and educational media, offering a multitude of marketing channels to reach the largest dental community worldwide. Google ranks the DTI website,, among the most comprehensive, up-to-date and influential websites in dentistry, given the hourly updated news feeds from DTI correspondents and publishers from around the world.

In order to benefit from this high Google ranking, as well as the ever-growing online audience, and to generate active sales leads, offers a number of products, the most pivotal being the search engine-optimized Company Partner Package. This multimedia hub contains all of the relevant company information and serves as a gateway for interactive advertising.

All marketing channels offered by DTI, which are described on the following pages, are linked to the Company Partner Package and serve to generate quality sales leads globally and locally. Collaborating with us will help you improve the visibility of your company and products. Accelerate the success of your advertising campaign by using the channels, branding and lead generation tools DTI has to offer.

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